Other Tax Services

Other Tax

Each business is unique. Each person has his/her own agenda and life. Our business and success journey can resemble another, but our routes are completely different. The issues in which we find ourselves facing in the marketplace overlap in many areas. Vault 8 Advisors listens to clients, understands what they are looking for, and then creates unique service plans to provide them with the answers they seek and need.

From a list of many service available by Vault 8 Advisors, please see below for a few examples:

  • Life Insurance and Taxes
  • Captive Insurance Companies
  • FAS 109 / Income Tax Provision
  • Preparation or Review
  • Dissolution (Divorce) Consulting
  • Forensic Consulting
  • Stock Option Planning
  • Elderly Planning
  • MERP Planning
  • Federal & State Tax Liens or Levy’s
  • Tax Advice for TIC (Tenant in Common)
  • Increase Company Sales
  • Enhance Internal Controls
  • Offer and Compromise

And much more, just ask. We can’t list everything we do, but we probably have done it. Please contact us with any requests you may have. We will get back to you quickly.


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