Tax Services

Are you looking for something new? Do you feel like you are paying too much in income tax? If so, read on, as we will tell you how we can help you.

Do you have a tax preparer or tax advisor? Did you know there is a difference between the two? We have found that most taxpayers just receive a tax return each year. If this sounds like you, then you are missing out on a lot of good advice and, probably, paying too much tax.

We have found that most small to mid-size business owners and affluent individuals are paying too much in tax. However, they feel that all CPAs are the same and they have given up on trying to find something new. Well, that isn’t true; we are different. Vault 8 Advisors has a unique approach to taxes and consistent track record of reducing our clients’ income taxes. We have advanced degrees in tax law and experience working with BIG accounting firms, which provide innovative tax strategies to the BIG companies. Therefore, now the same tax strategies the BIG companies have used are available to you. It’s time to begin thinking about taxes differently.

Vault 8 Advisors focuses on creating customized tax strategies that assist clients in reducing their taxes. All tax services are not equal. Vault 8 Advisors understands taxation and knows how to be innovative. Being innovative will keep you on the cutting edge. It should allow you to achieve your financial goals quicker or, at least, feel confident that your taxes are as low as possible.

Success often starts by looking at the basics, including taxes and accounting. The tax return is just the end result of the year, so if you didn’t have a strategy, you will not receive tax benefits.


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Tax Resolution

Federal and State(s) Tax issues need to be resolved. They just don’t go away. Vault 8 Advisors has numerous years of experience in assisting clients in resolving federal and state(s) tax liabilities the correct way.

Unfortunately, most of the advertisements that say they can settle your tax liabilities quickly and cheaply don’t work. Just ask the IRS or search on their website. They will explain how many of these companies do not provide the service that is expected. The federal government and the states have specific procedures and program in negotiating tax liability.

We do not use subcontractors like most tax resolutions companies. Our CPAs have knowledge in multiple areas of federal and state(s) tax laws, including experience resolving federal and state(s) tax problems. Let us help you get your life back to normal. We fight for you, the taxpayer!

Accounting Services

Helping you become financially organized.

Are you experiencing accounting problems? We have seen that most companies do have some sort of accounting problem. So, let us fix it for you.

In order to run your business correctly and make informed business decisions, an owner needs current financial information, and it needs to be correct. Not to mention banks and other vendors now require financial statements.

In order to properly run your business you need to have good financial information. Does your accounting staff have the required skill sets to create correct financial statements? Does your bank require financial statements? Most small to mid-size businesses have some issues with their accounting. So let us help you. Below are some of the common services Vault 8 Advisors offers to help you:

Accounting Systems Clean Up

Accounting Systems Clean Up

Not everyone understands accounting. Sometimes the financial statements are not correct or do not make sense. We will review your accounting records, organize and clean them up to the proper accounting format.

Accounting Catch Up

Accounting Catch Up

Sometimes business owners get behind in their accounting. We will acquire your information and get your accounting information up to the current date.

Accounting / Bookkeeping

Accounting / Bookkeeping

Sometimes the company doesn’t have the right accounting personnel or want to outsource accounting. Vault 8 Advisors can be your virtual accounting department. With online accounting packages, it will seem like we are right in your office. Hire someone that understands accounting and business to perform your accounting services.

Virtual Controller

Virtual Controller

This is a service for a company that has an accounting person but needs a controller level person to review their work and focus on more complex issues. This allows the company to outsource this function rather than hire a full-time person.

Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO

This is a service for a company that has an accounting department, a controller or more seasoned accounting personnel but requires a higher level / CFO type person. This service allows the company to outsource this function rather than hire a full-time person.

Financial Statement Preparation

Financial Statement Preparation

Often, companies, vendors, banks or, internal management require the company to have financial statements prepared on a CPA’s letterhead. Vault 8 Advisors currently “Compiled and Reviewed Financial Statements”.

Accounting System Customization

Accounting System Customization

Sometimes the accounting system that you purchased doesn’t work the way you want it to and the software vendor may not be the best accountant. We will work with you and the accounting software vendor to make the system work the way you want it.

Accounting Training

Accounting Training

Does your accounting staff require more accounting knowledge? We can train your staff to become better at what they do. This service is typically done in conjunction with accounting service.

Accounting Review

Accounting Review

Would you like an outside, unbiased, and experienced CPA to review your financial statements periodically? We will review your financial statements and discuss them with management. Understanding your accounting can assist your business in profits.


Helping businesses become more efficient! In today’s market, companies have to constantly become more efficient and dynamic to expand. Vault 8 Advisors Business Consulting allows us to assist business owners with a variety of business hurdles. There really isn’t any limitation on how we can help. We have assisted clients with cost reduction, industry benchmark, industry best practices, tax credit and incentives, income tax minimization, improve cash flow, ratio analysis, and teach the business owners to understand the tax returns and company financials. If we don’t provide a specific service, then we will access our strategic partners to join the team and focus on your success. Tell us what you need and we will help you.

Consider the following questions:

  • Is your business running the way you would like it? If not, what would you change?
  • Do you have the right team to help you get to your financial goals
  • Is your accounting system working the way you want?
  • Do you have the financial information you need to assist you in running your business?
  • Do you have internal controls to limit your exposure to risks?
  • What is your exit strategy?
  • Do you have the right legal structure?

These are just some of the common questions we ask our new clients. If your business isn’t working the way you want, take action and let us help you.


We created a service called “Business Management”, which is really for clients that want a full service relationship. Business Management combines tax preparation, accounting and bookkeeping, and business consulting in one comprehensive service. This level of service is typically for a client that desires to outsource or leverage more to our firm. Our service can be customized to integrate into your current structure. Another benefit of having us integrated into your business is that it typically helps the company during employee turnover, increased confidentiality, need for specialization, or just a need for a third party review. Your life can be made simpler by having experienced CPAs and Business Advisors overseeing your finances and projects. Call us to begin making your life simpler.

Wealth Advisory

Creating a plan to create and maintain wealth is necessary. Although we are not financial or wealth advisors, we can act as a gate keeper or your personal CFO to lead, create, and maintain your wealth. Wealth creation can be done through many avenues. We have experience being part of a team to assist clients with their wealth goals. It is hard to find trustful advisors; so, if needed, we will make introductions to our strategic partners based on your needs. Once the team is chosen, we work as a collaborate team.

Wealth Advisors are also considered investment management, retirement planning, exit planning, life insurance, asset protection, estate planning and much more.

Is your current team successful in your wealth goals?

Would you like a comprehensive approach?
We will work with a collaborative team of advisors to assist you in obtaining your financial goals. Time moves quickly, so take action with your financial responsibilities and act quickly.

Family Office

Family office service is a dedicated process of meeting the needs of your family by providing assistance in managing your finances through a process of top providers in a collaborate approach. We balance the financial advisory role with accounting, income tax, asset protection, estate planning and other family goals.